Contract and Commercial Management

We at Qonqests, by adopting the viewpoint of the owners, can focus our attention on the complete process of project management for constructed facilities rather than the historical roles of various specialists such as planners, architects, engineering designers, constructors, fabricators, material suppliers, financial analysts and others. To be sure, each specialty has made important advances in developing new techniques and tools for efficient implementation of construction projects. However, it is through the understanding of the entire process of project management that these specialists can respond more effectively to the owner’s desires for their services, in marketing their specialties, and in improving the productivity and quality of their work.
QTS's project management team makes the client its priority: expertly steering projects from concept to completion, based on a thorough knowledge of construction risk management, cost estimating, construction project planning and scheduling, and contract administration. Our project managers balance the need to meet budget milestones and attain desired quality using a comprehensive approach that is customized to individual needs.
Through collaboration, communication, and proactive leadership, QTS delivers top-quality projects that clients expect. The firm’s experts understand the complexities of managing cost, schedule and resources, and they offer solutions to mitigate risk and yield the maximum value for their clients’ investments.
Project Evaluation
  • Project viability and constructability
  • Project process and delivery
  • Post-occupancy evaluations
Client Representation (CR)
  • Bid evaluation and contracts
  • Post-completion resolutions
Planning and Scheduling
  • Life-cycle cost and carbon modeling, from concept through completion
  • Construction schedules
  • Schedule conflict resolution and alternative solutions
Risk Management
  • Construction contract administration
  • Risk mitigation
  • Construction risk management
Programme Management
  • Project phasing and sequencing
  • Resource allocation across projects
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